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Do you feel like becoming a volunteer in a charity program yourself? Amma Resonance Healing Foundation is organising a training for volunteers for epidemics & trauma. Read moreHere you find their latest newsletter.

Good news from our sponsored charity ‘Just One Drop’:

After many months of wrestling with the hours and hours of footage, I am happy to announce that we finally have a rough cut of the film about homeopathy! A beginning, middle and end! Exciting. Just One Drop is informative, provocative, and entertaining. We cover the history, the contoversy, the promise, we travel to India, England, Haiti and all over the USA!

Donations are still welcome!


Editing ‘Just One Drop’










Read the Newsletter from our sponsored project Homeopathy for Health in Africa here.

News from our sponsored project Blind Dog Films

•  Melanie Grimes has come on board as co-producer. With her vast knowledge of homeopathy, history, and screenwriting she is helping craft the story of this film as we get ready to edit! We feel very lucky to have her support and talent.

•  In October, we filmed another interview with Roger Morrison and Nancy Herrick.

We have now shot over 100 hours. We’re eager to put the whole film together. The only thing that is holding us up is, alas, money.

Just One Drop has been funded 100% by individuals like you! We’ve raised over $100,000 so far and need another $25,000 to complete the edit. Please consider making an end of the year donation.
People are donating from around the world.

•  Homeopath Anne Vervarche from Belgium kindly offered to donate to Just One Drop the final collection from her walk around the world!

Good news from our sponsored charity ARHF:

Amma4Africa for HIV/AIDS – “Spreading Like Bushfire”

“This is spreading like bushfire,” Gordon Nyabade told us when we met him in Kenya last September. Within two years Gordon had distributed PC1 to some 3,000 AIDS-patients, and each and every day he would receive invitations to visit other villages where more HIV-positive people were eagerly awaiting him. Even KEMRI (the Kenyan Medical Research Institute) aired commercials on radio to promote PC1. “This remedy brings hope to Kenya,” said Joel Odondi, outreach manager of KEMRI, “We’ve noticed that the immune systems of patients on PC1 are restoring back to health. The longer we can keep people away from ARVs (anti-retro viral drugs), the better it is.”

During the Victoria Tour, we – Gerda Hofste, Frederique van Deursen and Harry van der Zee – received many similar testimonies, all boiling down to: PC1 is highly effective and because it has no side-effects and knows no therapy resistance, doctors who by now have realised the limitations of ARVs are thrilled. “This is a miracle remedy,” said doctor Chantal Sosole from DR Congo. “I had nine soldiers hospitalised with AIDS. They were already bedridden for a very long time. Just to test this new remedy, I gave each of them only one dose of PC1. After two days seven of them felt their energy and appetite coming back. They came out of their beds and a week later they went home. Another one took a bit more time and also went home. The last one was an advanced case of TB and regretfully died. Now, I give all my HIV-positive patients PC1 daily.”

Read more in the newsletter.

Homeopathy for Health in Africa:

Maasai clinic for three days, very dusty, very good work, excellent team! Well done all!!

Blinddogfilms: “Just one drop” –  Read more.

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