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A little effort to support Laurel Chiten!donations
Expectations for the movie ‘Just a drop by Blinddogfilms’ are high.
This is the last month you can donate – our deadline is October 30!

Easy and quick! Define your contribution and transfer with one click.

paypalTransfer any amount to

IBAN: BE06 0004 1215 5222

Or order from our webshop. All profits are directly transferred to the charity of the month.


Our next sponsored project will be again a film on homeopathy: “Just one drop“.

“Dr. Samuel Hahnemann was summoned to the White House today!  Obama urgently seeking help with the health care crisis”- The Washington Post. More


Remember the first charity Anne’s Walk sponsored? Read Nico Beentjes’ report:

 1. Teleurstelling in Dar es Salaam 1. Disappointment in Dar es Salaam

2. In Morogoro ging het al beter


And enjoy this report from Jeremy Sherr:

HzG wrote :

Beste Anne,

Namens alle medewerkers van HzG wil ik je heel hartelijk bedanken voor je gulle donatie van € 2.100 die je voor ons bij elkaar hebt gestapt. Wij zijn zeer blij verrast met zo’n bedrag. Wij hebben je gevolgd waar we konden; zo was ik aanwezig in Norg in januari en Peter Guinee is zelfs een stuk met je mee gelopen. Je hebt een enorm nobel doel opgezet en door je persoonlijke benadering raak je veel homeopaten direct in de kern. Dat is erg bewonderenswaardig. Het is tijd om de positieve krachten te bundelen en wij zijn blij dat je HzG zo’n warm hart toedraagt. Wij hopen dan ook dat je je reis in goede gezondheid zult voltrekken, en met een voldaan gevoel er op terug zult kijken. 

Alle goeds gewenst Anne. 

Met vriendelijke groet,

 Vanja Wierenga


Our next charity from April on will be a project from Carol Boyce and Something to Say Productions :

Working title: Down on the Farm, a Short film:

Livestock farming is a tough occupation and getting tougher every year.  The threats from weather and disease are ever present, the profit margins are slim and the line between surviving and going under is very, very thin.  Farmers are among the most pragmatic of people. They have to be – their survival depends on it.

But there’s something strange happening down on the farm.  Despite the suggestion that homeopathic medicines are nothing more than placebo, pragmatic farmers and their vets are convinced that homeopathy is keeping their livestock healthy and their farms afloat.
We visit the farms, talk to farmers, their herdsmen and their vets. We look at the problems they face and the solutions they have found.

Carol Boyce

Carol Boyce – UK homeopath turned film maker, writer, teacher and activist is making a series of documentary films showing the potential of homeopathy.  In 2011 she released the 50 min film Making a Difference – Homeopathy Around the World – all funds raised from sale of the DVD goes to the projects featured.

STS’missionTRUTH NEEDS NO DEFENCE it needs only to be circulated far and wide.All our projects are connected by a desire to see the transformation of healthcare into one that truly heals the global population and the planet on which we live.Homeopathy as mainstream medicine is part of that process.

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  1. […] my hiking shoes are greased and my good old 30 year old rug sack given for repair.  We opened a bank account for donations and decided on the first homeopathic projects we will support. All the revenues of consultations, […]

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