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From 15 til 25 April Anne will walk in the UK. She will have a talk on April 19th in Bristol, at the conference of the Society of Homeopaths. In the UK she will walk for a project with Carol Boyce and Something to Say Productions : Down on the Farm, a Short film.

This is the outline of her walk:

April 15 – Arrival in London
April 16 -18 – Visit and meeting with Mike Andrews and colleagues in West-Sussex
April 19-20 – Bristol, Conference of the Society of Homeopaths
April 21-22 – Walking from Bristol to Exmoor
April 23 – Visiting Exeter and Peter Chappell


The next leg in the UK will start on July 8 in Edinburgh.  Meet Anne, have consultations with her according to her Vital Approach method, walk with her, talk to her, arrange a group meeting with fellow homeopaths or therapists? Just mail to christellombaerts@gmail.com or annevervarcke@thewhiteroom.be.

2 responses to “The Walk UK

  1. Rachel Welsh says:

    Hi Anne I will be at the conference on the 20th April. I work with Chris Lees on the Homoeopathy at Wellie Level course with an active group of farmers in Suffolk. We would be interested in your project so please keep us in touch,

  2. Dear Rachel, Thanks for message and it’ll be my pleasure to explain about The Walk for Homeopathy! I’m almost halfway now and it has been a most interesting experience so far. Next months I’ll be walking in another 6 countries. Well, anywya you can read all about it on the blogs and Facebook.
    See you at the Conference!

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